Questions & Answers

Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Why does this site look different from the one I used before to place classifieds?

Effective June 1st The Forecaster launched this new classifieds entry system in order to give you more control and access over your ads. Now you can log in and place, edit and renew your ads. We have also added 4 new Current Publishing print options to the menu to extend the viewer reach.

Do I need an account to place a classified ad?

Yes, once you set up your user account & password you will have the ability to create, edit and renew ads. You will also have access to a list all of the ads you have placed.

Can I edit my classified ad after it is submitted?

Yes,  you will be able to log in and edit your ad by clicking on “Edit Ads.” The changes will appear immediately online. Changes made after the print deadline cut-off (Monday 9am) will not appear in that week’s print edition.

How long will it take for my ad to appear on line? When will it appear in the paper?

Online ads publish immediately. Ads scheduled before 9:00am on Monday will be included in that week’s print edition.

What is the maximum word count?

The ad body text is limited to 25 words (150 characters) The ad title and contact information is not included in the ad limit.  Larger ads can be placed by calling 781-3661 or emailing

Can I add images?

You can add 1 Image or logo at no additional cost. Images will appear in the online version only. Print classifieds are line ads.

If you still ned help, you can call  781-3661 or email